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Middle Years Programme Subject Groups

The Middle Years Programme requires schools to teach a broad and balanced choice of subjects each year of the  program, including at least one course from each of the eight subject groups.  The IB publishes guides to each of the subject groups which include a prescribed framework of objectives usually framed as knowledge, conceptual understanding, skills, and attitudes.  Within this framework, Fridley teachers construct their own curriculum that aligns with Minnesota state standards.  Curriculum maps can be viewed by clicking on this link:  Curriculum Maps

The total teaching time for each subject group may vary, but in order to ensure significant learning in each subject group, a minimum time allocation of fifty teaching hours is required each year of the program, with most subjects receiving a considerably longer time allocation. Since the curriculum model is based on balance, the program promotes the principle of concurrency of learning, where students study all subjects simultaneously.    

The eight subject groups in the MYP are:

The Arts

Subject Brief          Fridley Curriculum
                    Visual Arts
                            Performing Arts


Subject Brief          Fridley Curriculum

Individuals and Societies

Subject Brief          Fridley Curriculum

Language and Literature

Subject Brief          Fridley Curriculum

Language Acquisition

Subject Brief          Fridley Curriculum
                            English Learners 
                              Mandarin Chinese 


Subject Brief          Fridley Curriculum

Physical and Health Education

Subject Brief          Fridley Curriculum


Subject Brief          Fridley Curriculum

Curriculum in the MYP is characterized by the interplay of Inquiry, Action, and Reflection, providing opportunities for students to make meaning and sense of the world.

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