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IB Diploma Courses and College Recognition

 IB Diploma Courses are recognized at most universities through offering college credit, allowing students to skip over pre-requisite courses, or allowing placement in advanced-level coursework. Universities offering credit almost always award the credit based on the students' exam score. Score requirements and credit offered varies greatly by university. Below are links to a few credit policies and some helpful tips for navigating your way through this process.

 Helpful Tips:

  • Don't count on college tour guides or students answering the phones in the admissions office to be knowedgeable about the IB policies. IB is not as well known as AP, and people easily get confused -- even in admissions offices. Try to speak with the Director of Admissions if at all possible, or at least a permanent member of the admissions staff -- not a student worker.
  • Always double check the policies you find on the website with a member of the admissions staff. Sometimes university websites are not up-to-date.
  • When you go to a university website, use the search bar to search the website for "IB" or "International Baccalaureate" instead of trying to find the policies through clicking on links.
  • When filling out applications and asking questions, be sure to use the term "IB" not "DP". We use "DP" at Fridley to differentiate between the Diploma Programme and the other IB Programmes, but colleges use "IB."
  • If you are having any problems, PLEASE see Ms. Baker! I want to know what issues our students are running into so we can prevent the same problem for others. I am willing to work with admissions offices to advocate for you or to educate them about IB, if needed.

Credit Policies:

Compare credit policies side-by-side for a sampling of Minnesota Universities here.

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities: Click Here

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities: Click Here

University of Wisconsin system: Click Here

Bethel University: Click Here


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